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We proudly source only the best local, Canadian, and imported goods we can find. Some of our local partners include:

-The Thunder Oak Cheese Farm

-Heartbeat Hot Sauce

-Pretty Fly Co

-St Paul Roastery

-The Bean Fiend

-Boreal Bakery 

-Pinetree Catering

-Eaten & Told

-Bight Restaurant

-Gior Restaurant


-The Madhouse

-Eat Local Pizza

-The Sweet North Bakery

-Nor'Wester Maple Company

-Walkabout Farm

-My Pride Farm

-The Fish Shop

-Teahorse Teas

-Slate River Dairy

-The Kitchen Nook


-Bay Meats

-The Bakeshop on Boundary

-Brule Creek Farm

-Tomlin Restaurant

-Bear's Bees and Honey

-The Chocolate Cow

-Eat the Fish

-Baked in the Bay